Immobile Games Ltd is an ambitious and talented game development startup. Our four-man team has been working together for years and we have shipped several products.

Before starting our own company we worked as an independent development team under the Kajak Games cooperative. That’s why some of our games have been published under their title.

Our mission is to create easily approachable high quality games. We want to offer value to our customers through highly polished gameplay and carefully crafted content.

We focus on mobile but we are open for new opportunities on any platform. We’re also interested in subcontract work for other companies.

The company is based in town of Kajaani in eastern Finland. Our street address is: Linnankatu 6 D, 87100 Kajaani.

Our crew is highly trained and all members have a degree in game development. We are Microsofts AppCampus/AppCademy program alumnus. The team has has also participated in the Hiomo start up training for game companies.

You can contact us by using the form found in the Contact us -page or via email at support@immobilegames.com